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Copywriting services

Copywriting services

We work with customers from all over the world. Our team speaks English fluently and can easily adapt to work in your time zone. Our projects are developed by high level developers. We use technologies such as video calls, calls, correspondence via messengers, project management systems Jira, Git etc. for communication with our customers. Trips of our specialists are possible if it is necessary.

Copywriting is the creation of promotional and informational texts as well as other types of text materials for advertising, sales, promotion of anything including a company, private person, goods, services and ideas. In classical terminology copywriting includes selling and image texts rather than the usual journalistic articles of publicist nature.

How important is copywriting represented in the Internet for a company?

Naturally, every site is necessarily present text, even if the web resource is focused on the placement of photos and videos. It always needs a verbal description of the goods in the online store, activities of the company and so on. How successful will be the achievement of the goals and objectives of the corporate web site directly depends on a selling text.

We can meet a huge number of examples when of well-formed ad text provided a real "explosion", greatly increasing the popularity of the company as well as its sales. It’s not easy to achieve this, constantly approach change is required. After finding the optimal variant, the site owner can be calm as the problem will be solved!

As an example of great advertising texts we can provide the US company "Mid Cycle", which text was published without changes over the years, providing a consistently high sales and huge profits! According to the owner of the company, he would never remove even a single word from the text even for much money.

The types of content that we write:

How much do our services cost?

The cost of services is calculated individually. The larger the volumes, the cheaper the price. For the compilation of some texts we can attract psychologists and marketers, journalists or professional specialists, thus this the price will increase. Some of our customers need to fill the site with a text, so this text is cheap. Other clients need to make a journalistic review for a publication on the leading Internet sites, so this text will cost more. For some customers you need to filter photos that are located in the text and this is also an additional amount of work.

We approach each client individually depending on the budget and needs. If you want it cheap – it will be this way, but when you need high quality, our best specialists enter the game!

The procedure and stages of work in our company: