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Advertising in Yandex Direct

Advertising in Yandex Direct

We work with customers from all over the world. Our team speaks English fluently and can easily adapt to work in your time zone. Our projects are developed by high level developers. We use technologies such as video calls, calls, correspondence via messengers, project management systems Jira, Git etc. for communication with our customers. Trips of our specialists are possible if it is necessary.

Our company provides services in placing advertising in Yandex search system! Potential buyers and customers will find you and your business while searching for goods and services in Yandex search system. You only pay for clicks to arrive at your site or for phone calls from your potential customers!

Advertising in Yandex Direct. Why?

Attraction of new customers - advertising will attract a large audience of interested people willing to take advantage of your business services or buy goods.

Huge coverage of target audience - users will see your business advertising only when interested in related services carried out their search through Yandex search engine.

Advertising in the necessary region - in the Yandex Direct advertising campaign during the launch one can take into account the geographical location of the promoted goods or services up to a desired region or city.

How much do our services cost?

Each project is evaluated separately depending on the objectives, strategies and budget of the advertising company. Generally, our prices are quite competitive and the quality is at the highest level.

How can you increase the impact of advertising in Yandex Direct by 300% using the Yandex advertising network?

Yandex Advertising Network is a large audience with wide variety of interests. It includes millions of websites of the Russian-speaking segment of the Internet.

If such advertising is not properly set up, the budget will evaporate with a tremendous speed. Thus it’s better to trust our experts and get the maximum at minimal prices.

Receive reports in real-time regime!

Tools of Yandex Direct advertising tracking collect numerous information on such activities as visiting a website or physical store, selling products and services in the Internet, calls to phone numbers or subscribing to news or news channel.

You pay for the result!

No visits - no expenses - the budget is spent only in the case if a visitor arrives at your web site via a link from the Yandex Direct ads or connects with you via telephone. This will let see the efficiency of expenditure.

Flexible advertising budget - only you decide what will be the sum of the cost of advertising in Yandex Direct. The budget is easily adjusted in any direction, so you can start even with a small sum. But the more you invest, the more you can earn from the visitors!

Real time reporting - Yandex Direct allows you to keep a strict accountability for the money spent. All reports are carried out in real-time regime and one can see them from a personal account which we will create for you in the process of work.

How do we build relatoins with a client of our company:

It is crucial to understand that we are attracting target customers to your business and they are willing to purchase goods or services. But for the best effect from the advertising campaign it’s recommended to come up with various promotional companies, bonuses or discounts within your business. In this case the effect of advertising will increase by several times!