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Remarketing and retargeting

Remarketing and retargeting

We work with customers from all over the world. Our team speaks English fluently and can easily adapt to work in your time zone. Our projects are developed by high level developers. We use technologies such as video calls, calls, correspondence via messengers, project management systems Jira, Git etc. for communication with our customers. Trips of our specialists are possible if it is necessary.

Remarketing is an advanced marketing technology that allows you to notice visitors coming to the advertiser's site "catch" them outside after leaving the site and return back to the site. For example, customers already placed their order can be advertised some other goods and services, and those who left "with no purchase" to return back to the site with the help of additional advertising.

Benefits of remarketing:

Principle of operation

Website visitors can behave quite differently: some people study your services in detail, others do the order without hesitation, the rest just leave a site almost immediately after viewing the first page. Judging the behavior of site users you can identify their distinguishing features and divide them into different groups labeling each group. Then, outside the site, you can interact with each group of visitors purposefully. For example, when the "labeled" visitor enters the partner site, he will be broadcast a particular advertising message (banner or window), depending on the task that the advertiser has put. Advertising offer will return the visitor back to the site and motivate him to perform the correct actions.

Remarketing or retargeting?

In fact, that’s the same. In Google AdWords and Begun it’s remarketing and in Yandex Direct is retargeting. They have the same principle of operation, the difference is only in the campaign settings. All the services allow you to generate detailed reports and track the effectiveness of advertising with the same accuracy.

How much do our services cost?

Each project is evaluated separately depending on the objectives, strategies and selected search engines. Generally, our prices are quite competitive and the quality is at the highest level.

How do we build relations with a client of our company:

It is crucial to understand that we are attracting target customers to your business and they are willing to purchase goods or services. But for the best effect from the advertising campaign it’s recommended to come up with various promotional companies, bonuses or discounts within your business. In this case the effect of advertising will increase by several times!