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Rewriting services

Rewriting services

We work with customers from all over the world. Our team speaks English fluently and can easily adapt to work in your time zone. Our projects are developed by high level developers. We use technologies such as video calls, calls, correspondence via messengers, project management systems Jira, Git etc. for communication with our customers. Trips of our specialists are possible if it is necessary.

Rewriting means writing of a unique text based on existing text material. Rewrite is a final result of this activity. Below there are presented the main advantages and particular features of this method of preparation of selling and image texts. Many experts consider rewriting to be a form of copywriting because they have a lot in common, but there are some fundamental differences.

When you create a rewrite it is not required to write a text with some new thoughts and ideas, the basic concept is taken from the original source. The result is a new text with a high degree of uniqueness. Information from the original is transmitted in other words there but the essence is preserved.

Basic advantages of rewriting

Rewriting became widespread due to:

High-quality rewrite is visually different from the original author's text. The material does not infringe copyrights, perfectly indexing in search engines. The customer receives high-quality content in the shortest possible time and at a minimal cost!

The price of rewriting services

Unlike copywriting, rewriting is several times cheaper. The cost of services is calculated individually. The larger the volumes, the cheaper the price. Working with complex technical texts is more expensive and with simple ones it is accordingly less expensive. For some customers you need to filter photos that are located in the text and this is also an additional amount of work and money.

We approach each client individually depending on the budget and needs. The use of rewriting is the most low-cost option!

The procedure and stages of work in our company: